Emerge MedStaffing, LLC, (EMS) is a Chicago metropolitan based company with a mission to provide emergency medicine specialist services across the United States.  EMS was founded by Dr. Richard Watson, M.D. FACEP.  Dr. Watson has served in various capacities; inclusive of leadership and administrative roles.  During his medical training, he was Chief Resident at the University of Chicago, and has tenure of 13 years as Chief of Emergency Medicine, served on credential committees, various hospital executive committees and provided sport medicine services for professional athletes, teams and corporations; including the Nike Corporation.


Additionally, during the 13 years of practicing emergency medicine, Dr. Watson has developed and secured relationships with some of the area's top emergency physicians.  Our company goal is to match our clinically competent, board certified, emergency medicine residency trained physician candidates with area emergency departments (ED).  These include EDs in need of stabilization due to new group start-ups or EDs that are in need of high quality Emergency Physicians to help with shift coverage. Our physician candidates are recruited based on medical education, post-graduate development, residency training, and leadership experience.



  • Staffing for Emergency Departments in Illinois, Indiana and surrounding area with select cities nationally

  • Highly trained doctors for conventions & events of all sizes in major cites nationally

  • Mobile treatment area with portable resuscitation equipment

  • Specializing in treatment of both medical and traumatic emergencies